Barbed Wire, Black Flies, 55 Degrees Below

Photograph of the Barbed Wire, Black Flies, 55°F Below book

Locally born author Peter Lanosky, in his 2011 publication, Barbed Wire, Black Flies, 55oF Below, chronicles the early history of Monteith and details the events, dramas, controversies, humour and conflicts at Internment Camp No. 23 for German prisoners of war. The camp, open from 1940 to 1946 had a major impact on the residents of tiny Monteith and put the community on the map of key military installations in wartime Canada. Camp 23 grew to become the largest POW camp in eastern Canada with a capacity of 4000 POW and 800 guards and staff.

The village of Monteith is located about 11 km south of Iroquois Falls and is the current location of the Monteith Correctional Complex.

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